Thursday, July 9, 2009

confused player

moods: i am in love

for me, i don't care whether they look fat or thin, old or young, guys or girls.... hmmm lemme stop here. uhh yeah. no matter what gender they are, what matters is how smart they can be when i am around.

wanted: date

whenever i meet someone online, and got my attention over a conversation, it doesn't really end up by a date. date means when they make pilit and they're on the area where i am =). 100% of them is better on cam, but not in person ;). you can see how stupid your date is unlike the one you have talked on the internet. you will doubt, "Sya ba talaga ang kausap ko???"

opposites attract

whether you like them or not, they are still different from who we are. it makes me turn off when someone flashes her barefoot (from covered socks) and let me spell how awful her foot odor is, or if when her car is bulok but runs faster than a new ivtec. still, you find yourself into a troublesome moment wherein you were attracted with trash rather than the good sides of the person.

potential girlfriends

these are people who likes to teach diskarte 101 in the class. whether it's baduy or not, or girls who is trying hard to be a guy, like putting pomade on their hair (pomade!!!!), or having their grown armpit hair flashing on your face, or whether they seem talking a lot of sense but they're really stupid, it's how they really catch your attention and prospect them to be the next girlfriend.

whew... ako ba yan?? that's prolly the way i think of gauging how player i was...not until i met someone i barely know, a person who is trying to change me -- which challenges me the most.

...and everything on the list vanished..


emiko said...

hey vange! loveless in philly ka?

juicypeanut said...

no no.. i am not loveless. hahaha. how are u? miss kita