Saturday, March 6, 2010


As if I was feeling betrayed all the time or something, until someone made me realized one thing, I am not happy anymore.

But why does it hurt? Do I miss the person really? or do I miss the habit of talking to someone when I'm at home? I think I'll take the second one as the answer.

I have lied a lot about everything, missed everything that needs to be said and done. I could see the future in my dream..just in my dreams. but suddenly it hits me. She will never change. she said sorry bluntly but never did make any changes at all.

I can go on with my life, just like the old times. I have experienced a lot pain than this. I just missed the fact that somehow, someone made me laugh, cry and share all my negatives.

She knew me too well. That's why it's hard to regain my original me...not someone I pretended for the past year.

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