Thursday, April 24, 2008

in training, retraining, off training

Here's the shit when you were too choosy about achieving something that is contant, redundant and simple..

Here's what happened when your boss is giving you a headache or the other way around..and your boss is trying to make it difficult for you.

So I got pissed off and wanting to move out of the company already. I tried working with you know, same shit around, but really, just people around me made me happy and not thinking about getting a rope tying myself on a truck while it moves. I guess those people inside me who eats pan de sal with different palaman aside just really give me reasons to stay.

Unexpectedly, there were some companies were tryinig to get me(naks, haba ng buhok), hmm, I remembered applying for a job with them looong time ago and they had just responded. Cool!. I got interviewed in Clark, and man, that was way sooooo easy to be a QA Sup. LOL. I was just giving answers of a tired, sleepy and as fresh as a lady who got out of the shower 24 hrs ago.(whew, that's the definition of freshness =)).

I passed the interview, as Mona, the QA manager, who, I've known, has a kindred soul like mine, said so. It's just she wasn't able to determine if I need to undergo another set of interview by someone higher than her.

Another set of interview was conducted and again, I was called by HR for the job offer. Imagine a provincial job with a higher designation as a QA Supervisor, plus 10 grand reloc package, 30 grand basic salary plus allowances, free food, board and lodging for a month????? Oh, no effing, shitting me, man! I want that job right away!
But, just as it arrived, I was transferred to Sucat to be the sole, designated, chosen one for Netspend. For me,, hmm, well, while waiting, I don't wanna resign just yet. I just want to spend my time working while waiting for my job offer to be signed and then I'll go.

Original plan was to spend my time while on training, pass the resignation letter before Product training begins and pass enjoy my terminal leave until I completely spend it then leave for Clark up to CamSur. I'll leave the condo and move to CamSur and be back to Manila to visit Amber every other 2 weeks. That'll be the most convenient plan for me.

So I was attending training then but come on, it's like playing my senses and all, people in Sucat were soooo nice and helpful. Imagine training with the bosses, Account Managers and all those peeps, you can treat them as tol, pare, dude, bro. They were like at your level.

And I'm enjoying..

And I'm having second thoughts...

And my decision, 90% moving to Clark, and 10% staying with the company was turned completely inverted this time. Tsk tsk tsk.

Then just hours later, someone informed me to whom I'll be reporting here in Sucat, and feels like, I wanna move outta here na..

Come on, dead shit, give me the most appropriate decision this time. =(

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