Thursday, May 20, 2010

im f'd up or mcdo wi-fi was?

I decided to start working today wherever I found WIFI signal, unfortunately my first stop wasn’t that successful. I was here in McDonald’s Valero, no internet access due to internet signal failure. Heyyy lowww!!! I learned this after ordering medium-sized French fries, 6 pieces nuggets and a medium coke, now, how can I leave the place with this anti-diet gastro food?

here’s my diet, watch me as I gain more weight every night, ok?

After my homework logged for about an hour, I slept until 11pm(with matching tawad pa twice since I set the alarm at 10 :P). It is really a fucked up schedule since it changes every two weeks. And yeah, my shift this week is as early as 3:15 am and I freakin woke up at around 11pm. You asked me why would I wake up at 11 when my shift is at 3? Tell me about it, strayed dogs are chasing me all night. I’ll take a picture of chasing dogs when I get my camera repaired(and yes, I’ll try to leave home at wee hours like 1am or so and be chased).

Now my decision of continuing to work here in Mc Donald’s is messed up. I NEED INTERNET ACCESS!. And right now, I’m killing time, sleepy eating my at-this-time 3 pcs. Nuggets, and half fries and no-more ice matabang na coke, while listening to my mp3 with my orange bug headset. I am totally fucked up because of this. And I am wondering about the 3 hour-training later, I will definitely sleep.

It looks like that my blog will be alive once again if there will be no internet access and share my food trip with everyone.

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