Thursday, May 27, 2010

tiring day

Since I arrived home yesterday earlier than the usual, no traffic at all, I went ahead and work, only to find out that I will just be stressing myself on the phone and YM talking to someone. That was the last misery I promised myself, that I will ever experience and I won't let anyone to do the same.

I have found myself fixing at around 10 pm, preparing to have another WI-FI sessions somewhere(hadn't planned for anywhere to spend the night). I was riding a bus last night and I heard a very familiar song playing on the background--that is our freakin OA theme song! arrrgh! I couldn't hide shedding tears while on the public transport, remembering those lines --- "...hinahati ko ang time ko sa yo at sa kanila(friends)"

..."hindi sila ganun kadaling iwan..."

I am very familiar with breaking up with someone while having a third party relationship. O yeah, that was third party/ies... I cannot compete with friends.

I went ahead and walked to coffee bean but changed my mind seeing someone wearing a Davao shirt. I crossed the street and started walking to, once again, McDonald's.

I was on the lane and asked the crew if the WI-FI is on. She said it's down for maintenance--for the nth time. I asked another crew from the counter, near the store manager so she could hear me, if I can go online, and this time, she said, the WI-FI is on. I continued with my order, which I anticipated I wouldn't finish because of this planned hunger strike.

my diet for the night

I was connected to the server, howerver, I couldn't connect to the internet. Sinasabi ko na nga ba! So I opted eating my 6-pc super kunat na nuggets, when someone called "Meeeeeeeed" Huh??! I rushed eating and packed my laptop and walked to Starbucks. Phew, I ordered a small cup of half and half since I was still full at that time. While I was taking upstairs, there are coupla law students from Lyceum doing a group study, crowding the place. I tried concentrating but I think last night was the most unlikely, unlucky night that I could get.

...calculators, piled math books and totally the same finding Nemo print on a shirt!

I was getting very lucky!! I left the place, really frustrated. I went to Seattle's Best, checked if there were some signs that I could avoid -- none. I started unpacking my laptop, once again, and smoked...when my phone rang.

Shit happens and it just happened to me. I went to the counter and ordered a cold frappe and started working.

Mocha Javakula to keep me awake

And I tortured myself by continously talking, and finishing everything. I couldn't explain how hurt I was but I didn't really care if the guard kept looking at me while shedding tears. That might be the last teardrop for the night. I am tired.

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