Wednesday, June 2, 2010

dear someone

We've come to a point where ending is the only start of beginning something new. I think it's a matter of saying goodbye. It was a hurtful moment to see you crying while I am hiding on my own camera shedding what is supposed to be shared in the future. I cried like an ocean--like every movie I watched, that others thought it was funny to cry with.

It was an easy desicion to just forget everything and start anew. Yes, you don't deserve me. And I don't deserve the heart and heartbreaks. I will leave everything behind and start on a numb mode me again.

I've known you for years and your eyes are telling me that you are not happy and it wasn't easy but you still chose to leave everything behind.

It's another moment of misery, but everything will pass in time. I hope you'll find someone better than this. I thought you promised, with the darkened, burned cigs that I don't think your wallet is holding..I think we need to have it broken.

You'll be a part of my habit, and I'm throwing, deleting everything away and move on...

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