Sunday, June 6, 2010

too much excitement

…And another chapter of my life has been done. Uhhh, was that a complete chapter? Lemme say, a part of me was completed unexpectedly as I finished my oh-so late dinner at where else but McDonald’s Valero J -- this time finishing my 6-pc Mc Nuggets meal without regret, and it was like I am asking for more.

Unexpectedly, I was again connected to the Internet, BUUTTTT, for a lil less than 10 seconds-literally!. It’s nearly 3am and it’s not practical to have my dinner at Starbucks. And that’s why I’m blogging once again. (winky)

I don't look I am excited, it's more of nagulat factor :P and me, wearing my jejemon shirt!

Hmm, I’m not sure what to write but I think I’ll write what I’m excited on what will happen after my sought-after resignation, that will happen in exactly two weeks from now. Excited, but a bit upset, since I will be leaving office, my oh-so good friends who were deaf hearing my overrated love stories, whom I cried and make sumbong with and who I shared those happy thoughts, happy thoughts, happy thoughts moment over too many buckets and cigarette butts.

Yes, I’m leaving my call center life and work independently as a site moderator, blogger and programmer while seeking adventures over WI-FI signals and coffee wherever it’s available. I’m excited, thinking about sleeping whenever I want to, not thinking about being late for the day, for those time that I will not be chased by dogs at wee hours and for taking more vacation leaves whenever I want to, best of all, I will not get any memos at all. J

Though I will miss my friends and those people that I’m eyeing, watching my crush/es pass by, I can just simply visit them on a one-text away mode.

It’s a good thing I finished the crying moments—and smiling now as requested by that dear someone(you know who you are ;)), I am more than excited to be with Amber anytime that she requested me to come home and buy those toys that she likes. Weehheee!! I’m excited to make some and enjoy some with those people that give me importance.

Moreover, I’ll start writing a book and have it published internationally with JUICYPEANUT. Darn! How can I get lucky that that huh?! There’s still life other than call center, which I served for like 10 years, and I have no regrets since it builds me for what I am today.

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