Saturday, August 9, 2008

high blood bago umuwi

From the market and Grotto, we asked Manong driver to bring us to Victory Liner to buy tickets. Morning shift people will leave Baguio 5 hours earlier than the evening shifters but just to be sure that we will get tickets, we wanna get it earlier too.

Grabe! super haba ng pila!! and we might get stuck if we choose to ride Victory Liner since they don't sell tickets for the time we were scheduled to leave Baguio.

We were about to leave but I've seen familiar face on the line. Tsk!


Since I have been closed to IT people at Tektite, I kissed him on the cheeks. I didn't notice that he was with his girlfriend pala. And the girl was looking at me intensely, I never thought she's Monay's girlfriend. Aba! ano namang malay ko!!!

We left Victory Liner and we decided to book for another bus line. Then our stupid driver announced that he couldnt pick us up at 2am since his service daw was done starting at 5pm. TSK!!!

I told him, we didnt specify time and he should have drop us on time that we will leave Baguio and that will be at 2am. He said too much reasons that I couldnt bear at all. I started raising my voice.

Junel noticed that I was at peak of my behavior and onti na lang, I'll curse that bitchy driver. Junel and others talked to the driver but the driver still stood with what he said to me.

My day was ruined from then on and we decided to just get an FX to pick us up and leave Baguio at the same time morning shift left.

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