Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weirdest All Saint's Day

Travelling back to from Bangga-an falls to the town proper was less tiring and fun. Some of the guyz, and girls chose to ride the jeep on its top. We were still in Sagada, so I guess, we will just define what enjoyment means.


While we were on the jeep, we saw a huge fire from afar. We teased each other that George Guesthouse was burning. I never thought that we will just experience a different way to celebrate All Saint's Day with the Sagadans.

As we stopped near the church, we were so tired to see another pile of stairs that we need to take. Walang katapusang stairs, hindi ka "in" sa Sagada kung walang hagdanan.


As Kuya Andrew described it, when you're there, you're like experiencing hell in Earth, but still, you're alive.

It was an awesome experience to see people walking towards the same direction -- somewhere in the mountains were you can see hell. They said it's called Calvary Hill-at night you call it, Calvary Hell.

People compiled and circled around chunks of wood burning and have a little, not so little but made the best bonfire beside the nitso and it was soo weird seeing this "siga" their making, it makes your lungs hurt just by seeing them.


The Calvary Hell

In Manila, we have candles, but in Sagada, it was my first ever All Saint's Day to celebrate away from my family, it was my weirdest All Saint's Day I have experienced, and this will be the most lit cemetery I've seen in my life.


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