Monday, January 4, 2010

2010 resolution

I got a bad news from my boss that I befriended for months that maybe, maybe a reason on how to start my new year. I still had a day to think it over by not coming into work last night and spent it over at my crib. Have I thought of anything yet? uhhh. I am still hopeful. So I guess by getting a list of what to do and what needs to be done must be a start.

1. I will be filing a resignation when I came back from vacation. Hopefully before I do that, I already have found a better job that will not discriminate rights.

2. I will be fixing my finances. It is hard to move within a budget, thinking some bills and some responsibilities without anything on my pocket. But I need to start thinking how I could earn more than the usual. I am afraid of losing a lot this year, job, my crib, my almost broken phone, my internet connection..but I am still hopeful I can get a remedy for it.

3. I am anticipating of celebrating my birthday quietly. Like I said, I would need to think about some financial responsibilities first before thinking about myself more. And I hope by next month, everything will turn into normal.

4. I will be in Davao by vacation. I don't plan for any travel this year. But I don't think a travel to one destination isn't bad at all.

5. Amber will celebrate her 7th birthday this year, so I need to plan for her birthday. ;)

...end of the list. I have too many plans but I don't want to fill another 5 resolution without making sure that my top 5 list isn't achieved.

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