Monday, January 4, 2010

looking back

...and i didn't blog a lot last year. and was looking forward to blog more this year.

I just want to look back if something happened or something I missed last 2009 and make sure to fill it in this year.

1. I have 2 employers that I worked and been working. WEST and HSBC. had a normal working hours but not earning night differential ;) result: resigned.

2. travelled 3 times locally on the same province and 3 times abroad. what happened when you see part of the Bicolandia when you didn't see Mayon Volcano??? Geez!!!

3. I got an internet connection at my crib(yet, I didn't blog pa rin) which connects me to ex's and my future NEO :))

4. Well I found NEO this time. At the beginning of the year, I met her, however, for some reason, we broke up. --- got a lot of dates and flings and experiences that made me, I think... something nonesense. When I thought I met the right NEO, I tried to adjust...with the age differences, I think I am too smart to handle. At the last part of the year, I think I found NEO --- someone I found at the beginning of the year and ended up with her for the rest of my life. way too cool ;)

5. I found myself withdrawing from bank account to bank account and checking to see if I gained or not. RESULT: NOT. stocks went down and been crazy for months and at the end of the year, I was told that 500k is not something reachable at this time.

6. still forgetful. do I need to be reminded? I don't know. But some things I didnt remember anymore or I was just trying to forget na talaga.

7. was hospitalized by overreacting nurses at HSBC. I could work but they didnt allow me. went to Asian Hospital with Ces accompanying me. then got 2 approved rest days by the doctor and the fuckin HSBC gave me a memo when I got back to work. So humane huh!

8. 3 pay periods before the end of the year, I was getting an enormous tax deductions. I don't know how the suckers work but I need a better explanation for this. I think I need an attorney to fix it.

9. I have celebrated all saint's day with my family and christmas eve. Unfortunately, I wasnt able to join them this new year's eve. :(

10. I don't think I was productive last year. But I guess I need to think over and revise something for the next year...

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