Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Challenge to Coffee Addicts

Last week, when I called home, I was informed by my mom that a package came in for me.. I was thinking, who will send me a package?

I went home last Saturday only thinking about sleeping when I saw a package waiting for me.. hmmm, I wonder what it was.

It's a planner. Hmmm, and enclosed with it is a letter regarding challenging Starbucks planner.
Alright. I got the scene. I've been a fan of Starbucks since then and collected 3 of their yearly planners. It will get you addicted anyhow since you have to buy coffee in exchange of a little stickers that you need to complete in a booklet to get the planner for free.

Imagine drinking a Starbucks coffee which costs P95 the cheapest..yeah cafe latte. But then again, since on the booklet, it requires everyone to buy their signature coffee, so whether you like it or not, you'll sip a P150 worth of frappe or iced drinks. It will just simply sum up to more than P3,000 for your planner.

What's the difference of having a Starbucks planner than a planner that you can get in National Bookstore?
1. It's Starbucks! Come on, you don't want to be left behind of the "in" thing.
2. It is leather. O yeah, leather.
3. It is much expensive than any other planner around.

After getting the latest 2008 edition of the Starbucks planner, my friend just asked me to buy a the same planner at P1,500. That's half the price of the planner you get at Starbucks minus the coffee. Well, I just don't want to make all my nerves to break because of the coffee that I'm drinking so I bought 5 planners and sold it to anyone at a cheaper price. Starbucks stole a lot of money from me where I could get the same for just half the price of it.

What's new!!!
November is approaching and again, Starbucks Coffee will be jampacked again, making all the booklets stamped by a lil stickers to get the 2009 edition of their planner.. Whew, learning my lesson, I'll just wait for my friend to give me a nudge regarding a new Starbucks planner for half the price.

What else is new -- my new planner.
October is about to end but I already got a new planner, no no, not from Starbucks, but from another coffee shop which I havent visited yet. This time, I got a planner for free. and in front of it, it says it will simply change my life. Alright.

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