Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Holloween costume party

It will be my first time to dress up for holloween in the office. In the past, I didn’t even care whether I dress up or not, I just showed up at work and that’s it. I just didn’t get it, IM NOT INTO COSTUME.

There were holloween parties held in the office but then again, I don’t give a damn. But since I joined the company anew, I need to follow what they asked me to.

Almost all holloween events have their themes, most of the time, the scariest, the winner. But this time, just like what other themes bars in the metro, anime costume is in.

We all came up to a Bleach anime’ costume, which I don’t have a darn idea how it looks like. It’s easy to turn Japanese but following a theme is hard.

I thought I wouldn’t be able to join the costume party since I had to take my leave on the 31st for Sagada. Unfortunately, the party was moved on the 30th and damn, I’m in the office. Right now I am wearing a blue jogging pants and a big black jacket with blue belt. I had my hair braided in two and since I don’t need to fix my eyes, I look like a Japanese bento :P.

Whew… With all the Japanese papers, lanterns and walls all over, first time is always fun! :D

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