Saturday, February 2, 2008


I am a fawkin big, 27 today.. and I don't care. I wasn't feeling better before my birthday and I dont really know why.

I was greeted by sweetie 2 days before my birthday and she always mentioned it to me. She was too excited rather than me..I dunno. maybe because she'll celebrate it with me for the very first time.

I dunno what I was thinking but I wasn't really feeling any good at that time. My birthday fell on Saturday or errr maybe because I missed Amber. And I wanna go home.

It's kinda unfair to myself and mostly to sweetie, cuz I always tell her how I feel that time, which she said she was hurt. She tried to cheer me up but I couldnt control emotions. You know..

She waited for 12 o'clock to strike and she greeted me.. How sweet :). I was in the office, fawkin workin and I hate to work on my birthday.

I can still remember my last year's birthday. Hay.. too dissapointing to take my leave just to watch the clouds and seek for an airplane to come. hayy, dont wanna talk about that shit nemore..

Anyways, I hurriedly went home to meet Amber. O yeah, that gave me the reason why I reacted last night and I felt so sorry because I dissapointed sweetie. I just wanted to see Amber lang pala, and that was it. :)

We planned to go to Bulalo Republic but since Ate was still in the office at that time, they changed their mind. Me really wanted to go there and celebrate my birthday there so I insisted. Amber and I slept first. Hayy, I have a post regarding the Bulalo republic thingy up up up there.. and that's one of the most stomach filled birthday that I had. :)

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