Wednesday, February 13, 2008

valentines day...

This valentines day is just like the day I celebrated it last year. Alone. Hmm. Well, Kinda.. It's like I'm getting used to it since I've been through it a couple of times already.

As for me, I don't case if you're aware or wherever or what not, as long as you greet me happy Valentines day and that's eat. I forgot if I eat sumthin special this Valentines(too bad, I updated it too long plus I have bad memory)

If other people can celebrate their birthday alone and I can live my life without having a relationship per se', then maybe I can do that as well. That's hard. oohhh. Parang I hate myself when I wrote that a(lol) It's all in the mind.

I can grow up, within a minute of throwing some papers up and dusting every doorstep but that's a choice. And this is like the same old valentine's day I used to celebrate with someone, but this time, with my friends and some text messages of sweetie.

I didnt receive flowers from her, but got 3 white roses from a friend. Well, every girls in the office was given a flower. That came from Regin. I love it.

So even if we celebrate valentines spectacularly as we ever want to, if the situation wont allow it, I wont happen. It just will not happen.




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