Friday, January 4, 2008

he opened it!

i went to edsa central yesterday with those colorful butterflies in my stomach. that was after my shift ended so i didnt get the chance to rest and sleep. i thought that was the final interview already but they said it was an examination. hell, that was just a lateral transfer from one site to another and i still need to take an exam?! ok...
the exam covered technical skills, more about troubleshooting and computers. i passed it of course. and was scheduled for a preliminary interview at 2pm. fawk! i'll have my doubleshift tonight. how can i possibly do that?
i went hurriedly back to the unit and slept for an hour, woke up, took bath, and fix my things for my weekend vacation at home then took a cab for the preliminary interview. the lady that interviewed me said i will be receiving a call prior to that interview if i passed and i dont receive a call from then, meaning, i didn't.
thought I was soo sleepy, I still managed to watch a movie alone, which i cried a lot. good thing i was alone, i's the only one who knew i'm a crybaby. evenso, I was too busy watching the movie, my mind was still on my phone. will they call? err, i's too negative. i told myself, that's ok, that is not the plan papa jesus have for u. so i have my mind set to that negative thingy when suddenly, while crying, :D, recruitment officer called me for a scheduled final interview, which will be held at 10pm. whoa, haaay
I went to the office after the movie and prepare all my tools. then slept for an hour and a half(too cold to stay in the sleeping quarters). I went to edsa for the interview and it took me an hour waiting.. hmm, no interview but feedback. and...
Sucat here i come. :D just the prayer that i asked him to open for me. :D

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