Thursday, January 3, 2008

what happened was..

from the office I went to SSS makati for an ID picture taking. coolness, it took me 2 hours waiting inside the crowdy SSS office. I went directly to Mall of Asia to get my digicam and found out that they forgot to put the Swarovski crystals I requested.
before going home, I hang out and ate lunch at Kenny Rogers, smoked alone and think, whatelse. what went wrong?
they were my "old friends". We have been together ever since I started working here but hell, those things were messed up because.. I dont know. or maybe because I always break their rules. o yeah, I'm more opinionated and when I know I'm right, I'll say a word. and those people hated me for that. :D what can I do, my opinion is important and I have the right to say my thing. I guess my strong personality is also one of the factor they hated me.
fawk, are u bitter vange? hmm.. i guess a lil. I am a liar if i said Im not. bitter because of how unprofessional they are when it comes to decision making. they knew that when i reached the final interview, i have the biggest chance than those two assholes that knew nothing but to jack off and slack. hell, yeah im fawkin bitter.. darn.
i smoked the cigarette that i was holding and talked to Him, yeah Lord, I know this isn't the plan that u have for me, so there, just lead me to whatever plans you have, ok?..saying these lines while switching sim on my phone. suddenly my phone rang...appeared 632... when i picked up, it was from recruitment inviting me for an examination for qa post for Sucat. wtf.
she said there will be an examination even though i'm already a qa analyst. hmmm. i haven't taken that exam before so i's kinda nervous. planning, comprehension.. those were the things i've heard from the other applicants. hmm. i'm just crossing my fingers. and i just hope hindi ako mapulitika hanggang sucat. shit nila.

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