Monday, November 19, 2007

application form

hr bulleting is posting a lot of freakin jobs and i dunno what to choose because I liked them all. however, i need only one single job. hmm, my mind says...
fawk, hafto get 3 job bids to get those 3 jobs applied. whatever happened to any of those applications, tell ya, ded ma na. i just dont wanna be here anymore. tired??
yes, freakin tired. what made me motivate to go to work is to earn money and pay my rent. well, hafto consider having a cute and makulit amber to add up, as well as other things like gimiks and all.
come on, we're all tired if were gonna be burning out ourselves workin our ass up just to earn more. yeah, better position but stupid a-hole boss will make me quit.
am i the boss? hmm yeah, they said i am, but how the hell can i manipulate what the boss wants if the boss that i have will make my life hell like HELL.
darn it, whatever my application takes, i guddam make myself clear to all. im the boss.

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