Monday, November 19, 2007

way too cool

way back to the condo, i was thinking about the past ex's that I had. It was soo funny I never felt anything bad anymore, yet I can say I have moved on already. I arrived there, planning to go on swimming, making love to the water again, but it was so freakin cold.
I went to shopwise instead, bought chicken and fried it while watching TV. after the dinner, I went inside my room to read book. Lanie knocked at my room and told me her break up story. I remember my story too. Funny, I was a bit hurt but was able to cope up with it. Yeah, like what I've told Lanie, she'll get through it.
I've watched Pirates of the Carribean: The curse of the black pearl. Nice movie and Johnny Depp gave justice on his role. savvy? :)

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