Monday, November 19, 2007

lanie's story

they were officemates and known each other for 2 years. odie is a married guy while lanie, is engaged most of the time with her family. they developed because of gimiks and night outs until they became too close and intimate. they were an item.
for months, they enjoyed each other's company and have been very much happy of being together for more than 8 hours a day. Lanie, on the other hand became close to God and went to church more often than before. why?
though she was happy with Odie, her guilt was killing her because everything reminded her that Odie still is a married man, and was a father of 2. She's open for the fact that they won't be together in any ways or another.
Until Odie broke the news that he will be going to Singapore for an EVP job. She cried but she couldn't let her boyfriend passed the opportunity for him.
They were together almost everyday until last Friday, they went to the condo and they cuddled each other. Odie broke up with her. They both knew that that would be their last night together. They promised each other their love but that will stop them from then on. Lanie just cried.
Last Sunday, Lanie approached me, told me the stories about the sorrowful ending Odie and her had been. I never said a word. I just listened. That was the end of their beautiful story. But I guess that reminded me of how mature Lanie was, and how I must be like her, mature and strong and ready to face whatever challenges I'll face when it comes to a love relationship.

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