Wednesday, November 28, 2007

starbucks planner 2008

They set November 6 as the start date to collect 24 stickers to be stamped on the Sparkhope card. Well, if we can remember, that was 21 stickers to collect last year. I wonder why they added 3 more.. hmm.
How much is the coffee again? A regular coffee in the pantry is at P10 per sachet. And the cheapest short hot latte is at P85. Praline Specials are at P145 for the tall frappe. Whew. I could buy a bottle of Nescafe for that.
But I love Starbucks. Or I just love the brand. Any coffee that has a brand and when people see me hanging out and reading books or magazines will make me richer. I guess this is the notion why coffee shops are hitting the market.
And now, people are crowding and lining up at Starbucks to have their sticker pad stamped up. Well, I guess it's not practical, just to say you are in, you have to have 1 starbucks planner.
It's actually a decent leather planner, with some stationary childish design with a starbucks pencil and greeting cards inside. Unlike last year's black leather cover, the 2008 planner, it is colored brown, and thin. Pencil with no eraser is included. And since the planner's outer cover is plain, there's a green and dark brown band that will hold the organizer.
Well, I'm a coffee lover and been drinking coffee whenever I feel like it. But for an organizer, nahh, I could get one on a cheaper place. Where else! internet :)
I've seen an ad posted about a starbucks planner for P1500. I texted him and arranged meeting with him today at Glorrieta. He lowered the price to P1000. Yep. That's a lot of savings.
And cool, I got to be the first one in the office to have it. :)

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