Friday, November 23, 2007

call center politics

Since I've been workin my ass up for the past hmm 4 years??? in a call center industry, I am not amazed by the fact that there are a lot of people encountered some incidents that is depriving, unauthorized and some what, not within company policies that made attrition on this kind of job higher than others.
Some were terminated because of not-so terminable cases, when the supervisors just dont like their agents, that agent can be terminated as soon as possible.
Some got their promotion because they're friends of those on the position. There goes a saying, " It doesn't matter how you work and what skills you got, but what matters are knowing who to befriend with."
And well, in my case, I have experienced that a lot. ahmm forgot scenes before but hell ya, I am one of those affected by that stupid system.
Have just experienced it when I passed the bid with my friend and sup's didnt want to sign it until we reached the deadline. hafto prove ourselves they're wrong. I just dont wanna give up and give `em an opportunity to laugh at us.
Well, politics is everywhere. and hell ya, in call center, we can say this is a survival of the fittest.

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