Friday, November 16, 2007

is it on sale?

i went to the office yesterday at around 8:30pm and left for edsa central at 9:30 the next morning. i went back to tektite to sleep and got up at 2pm. fawk, i was home at 5:30 and manage to get a sleep until 6:30pm. man. is that really the day i had?
fallaff headache, i went to the office after i washed my undies and fixed my things to go home. darn it, i need a sleep. i need a rest.
well, christmas time, and i could feel it, mel changco said, it's 39 days to go before christmas, to hell yah, really, christmas is on the air.
tektite bazaars were packing their things up but remarkably, they made it to a point that it must be dated on an employee salary for more income.
but fawk, i need sumthin on sale, and i'l die, just to get one.
time, is it on sale?
come on, gimme a break!

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