Friday, November 30, 2007

techno addict

I was about to buy a Samsung Digicam yesterday at P6k brand new but they don't have silver. They only have black. Too bad. I didnt pursue.
Jordan is selling his P990 phone for P9k. That's cheap though. But.. I like the iphone. I went online to check on it and darn, it's P27 grand. 'Das too much. I've seen it's clone selling at P7500 and this is an exact iphone replica. But is it good trying a cloned iphone? Risky.
I really dont know what I want. But I guess a TV phone is worth a try. They said they're to vulnerable and dangerous but this is an apple to buy. Camera-TV-cellphone in one. Why not.
Freak, I want to decide what I want to buy...arrrgh!!!

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