Thursday, November 29, 2007

Rebellious Trillanes

I thought riding an MRT peacefully and gone home to sleep will make my day peaceful. Then text messages were coming in to check if Manila Peninsula is just near my place and if everything is okay.
I asked why. They said there's another coup de etat (did i spell it right? ;)) is going on.
I thought it was just a bluff and went sideways, closed my eyes and sleep. This time, I was awake by a phone call from my sister saying that I should not go to work. Again, the incident that was going on around Manila Pen was the issue.
I took bath and fix myself to go to work too early. I can no longer sleep. After I fixed myself, I turned on the TV and yeah, news about Trillianes was hot.
I rode a bus going to work and I was thinking I couldnt prolly see what was going on around Ayala area. But the bus went the other way, Paseo de Roxas since police officers and marines closed the area already.
I contented myself watching it on the tv at the bus as people came rushing in and prevented me from seeing the freakin news. Hell.
Well, here's the news. And I will just read T H I S.

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