Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I've spoken to my ex that had all my email accounts. When we were still together, I gave all the accounts that I have, whether it's an email or anything that has a password, name it, and she had it.
When we broke up, I never had it and she changed all my passwords. I was soo pissed at that time and one thing I did was to create a new email account and live with it. Of course I was thinking I couldnt do anything about it `nemore but just forget everything that I had with the lost accounts.
I never thought I could still have it and wht not, but yesterday, when I spoke to her, she gave it to me for whatever reasons. I knew that it doesn't matter to me whether I can have them back but I am happy.
Those accounts were dear to me since some of it was created when I first started to learn about sending emails =), my first friendster account and now I have two. :0
Me and my ex were Ok now. and I hope we're just gonna be friends. It's hard to give trust again 100%. After all, all of my ex's were my friends, except one. Darn..my mind says.. I don't wanna talk about nonesense things.

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