Wednesday, December 5, 2007

on losing trust

I have just spoke with one of my ex's(dami a ;P) on chat and went with our hi's and hello's. It was nice to know that she still remembered me. Afterall, we have nothing against each other.
She's a very loving partner, sweet and thoughtful. It's just that, we had a long distance relationship. We haven't seen each other yet, only using webcam to know each other's face. We knew that long distance relationship is a complication itself. You have to set expectation, set limitations and of course, have this trust on each other.
I can still remember that we were very sweet at that time, when all of a sudden she lost trust on me when she accused me of doing the same thing as her ex did to her. Well, we fought because of that.
For me, that's the only consolation that I can share with her. To trust me. But if she will still abide with what she was thinking with her wife, then she hasn't been over with her ex's past relationships.
Not all of the people in the world are bitchin around and just fuck each other like hell. There are those people whose impression is just like those freakin a-holes, but when they get serious, dang, you can tell she's a different person. She must be loved by all by what she's projecting to others.
Well, pathetic, like what I've told her. It's not even getting into my nerves making another story to tell, which is exactly not true. It's as if she have not known me before when we were girlfriends and shared happy moments together. It's as if those good memories will serve as a binding treasure. But just by fearing that you might do the same thing like ex did to her, then that's absolutely absurd.

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