Monday, December 3, 2007


I planned to go to DFA this morning so I woke up at around 6, took a bath, had my breakfast and wore just a black shirt and jeans and went out.
I was walking the streets to reach DFA when this guy walked and talked to me. He said that he will get his passport ready to be released that day. Well, I knew that this is another tactics of fixers that mushrooms around DFA so I walk faster than him.
Before I reached the gate, I noticed that there were some guys who wore DFA Ids(prolly an employee) that warns people not to deal with any fixers. I had my picture taken already in Megamall beforehand, but they said it is not valid since I had big earrings on ;).
So I payed another P160 for my picture taken with royal blue background. Geez. Another guy approached me and led me to what he said "DFA accredited" agency, which I guess is another fixer freakin scam. He said that I need to pay P1500 for my passport and I wont fall in line anymore. A-hole! I stood up and went out. I would rather fall in line instead of paying that huge amount.
I used my passport last month for my Cebu trip but I need to have it renewed to get my visa done as well. It's actually a new and longer system unlike before since a new, machine readable form passport has been implemented by DFA since September this year.
That will prevent those illegal recruiters to use other passports. It will take 14 working days for a regular passport release. Whew, that's a long time. I'm not in a hurry. I'm planning to travel earlier next year for an Asian tour. Coolness. I hope I could bring my daughter with me :)

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