Wednesday, December 12, 2007

brownies craze

they were soo crazy about my brownies. =) and looks like, because of its beautiful and eye candy designs, they were best sellers.

but for me, it's hard selling of course. they say, laway lang ang puhunan ko. what I do is just to get out of the office and bring 3 boxes of brownies and fawk, i need to get inside the office again to get another boxes. fast seller? LOL. talks about a businessman born with a Chinese blood. =)

how can i get one of these? well, one is from the tp hater forum sites. I posted the link here before and they go gaga on my brownies already. whenever i go out of the office, they go.. ahh yan ba yung nasa blog? my answer. YES.

again, lemme post my best seller brownies here. =)

bebang's brownies. yummy =)

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