Tuesday, December 11, 2007


When I checked on friendster, Arvee, my kumare posted sumthin on a bulletin board that there's an opening on their company. Again, I forgot what position it was.
I messaged Arvee through YM and she just took it as a joke. She said I'm over-qualified. I told her I'm not kidding her and I'm serious about applying for the job. I sent my resume to her and asked her to arrange an interview. She said I need to come by on Monday, that was yesterday.
I didn't prepare just like any other interviews that I attended. For me, anything goes. If I prepare, I might make more mistakes.
I went there with Dennis, one of the new people on the team. I really didn't know where the hell Salustiana Ty Tower is. I just followed Arvee's directions. Coo, I found it in no time.

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the company.. hmm looks like my future huh..

I went there, chika with Arvee first and have my resume printed by her. =). Geez, if you have an IT friend, well, I guess, you have to use your resources huh. =)
I waited for my 10am interview and really, I AM NOT READY. but I guess I can do it.
I was playing with my phone when this guy approached me. The interview will start, he said. I walked inside the conference room with 4 guys including Arvee. And they asked me to sit on one end of the conference table. Freak, hot seat. Funny, but I wasn't nervous at that time.
Then the interview started. I have answered those questions too many times already but I guess, I really dont know how to answer Tell me something about yourself. I really don't know how to answer it best. Well, I just can tell there, I am this, or I am that.. Or am I gonna describe my physical aspects or my traits? How can I really answer that question.
According to Jobsdb.com:
Interview questions are usually of three kinds – traditional, behavioral, and case-based. Many iinterviewers start by asking you to say something about yourself. Tell them everything that would relate to the job – your course, accomplishments, organizations you were active in. There is no need to go into detail about your family history. Some would ask you about your strengths and weaknesses. Again, keep it related to the job and give actual situations which demonstrate these characteristics. Think also of a weakness that could turn out to be a strength. For example, you might say – but only iif it’s true – that you find it difficult to tolerate a disorganized desk and like to fix things before getting started. Avoid overused remarks like, “I’m impatient with myself.”
So I guess answering clearly, selling yourself to them will give the greatest impact about how the interview goes along.
They asked me different questions, which I handled well. I could see their facial expression that I impressed them.(Go Vange!!) They asked me soo technical questions and I gave them an honest answer, that I really don't know some of the stuffs their telling me and I am willing to learn a lot from the company.
The interview went for half an hour and they said they will give me a call for an interview with the manager. I went home afterwards and slept. I woke up with Arvee textin me, she said I am overqualified. I thought I didnt fit for the job because of that reason, but Arvee said they were discussin about me on a higher position. Coolness.
The question is, am I really over-qualified? or I just impressed them? Well, I will just wait for their answer. Arvee said the manager requested for me to do shadowing on their office for a couple of hours and I agreed. Whew. for me, if they requested me to do that stuff, meaning they accepted me already. Crossin my fingers. I just hope so.

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