Thursday, December 13, 2007


I was about to write a blog about my eyeglass that I almost lost. fawk. we went to Mcdonald's to eat lunch and when I sat on my office, I didnt notice my eyeglass. I was thinking, I may have lost it there.
So I accepted the fact that I already lost it. I got my Giordano eyeglass for more than a year at Vision Express in Megamall when I just walked in and had my eyes checked. I never thought I needed it but the optometrist that checked my eyes said that I have 175-170 vision. gawd, that's high.
I was using contact lenses courtesy of my friend who was then taking up optometry at CEU and practiced on me. But I didnt feel comfortable so I stopped using it after a year.
And now, my eyeglass is soo helpful cuz I can ready easily the stuffs that I'm workin on, and without it, my face is kissin the monitor.
So when I thought I almost lost it, just a minute ago, I couldnt concentrate working. Freak. I just need my eyeglass and nothin more.
But one of the Epson analyst said that he had seen it outside the office. Kewl. I hurriedly went out and checked. Freak, it's there. Very impossible, but it's there. hihi.
`em currently using it. And I guess having an important thing seemed not important until you have proven its worth. And when you lost it, you'll know it you will be sorry on losing it, or you will find a way to heal the feelings you have gone through.
Just the like eyeglass that I almost lost. I never thought how important it is in my work. when I thought I lost it, I am thinking of purchasing a new one or use my extra eyeglass at home. how ironic. it's just like the past that I lost and I thought I can never cope up with it. But hell, I need to move on huh, and I am not born weak. I can easily find a new way of living my life just like now. And Im happy...ier. =)

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