Monday, December 31, 2007

new year's resolution

arrgh, i dunno if this would be really done this year but i am hoping. it's not bad to just list down what i need to do, change or what not. but i'l try my best..
1. deep inside i'm doubtful. everyone who applied were too worried just like me. apparently this new year will give us WHO and will left others unhappy. i don't wanna disclose this info yet because im still hoping, even so i knew i cannot be chosen because of the devil. like i always mentioned, it's not what you know, it's who you know.
2. good health. to me and amber. im getting old.. and older this february and i am always giving an overtime to the guddam office but im still sane. darn. bawal magkasakit.
3. meet neo. hmm, i have celebrated my christmas and new year with my family. and this person. yeah, we always texted, we chat and we talk.. and later on we'll meet. i've been harsh on this person but that made her loved me more. i always hope this whenever i had a relationship. could you be my NEO?
will do:
1. travel a lot!! inside and outside the country, last year, I only travelled once in Bangkok, and locally in tagaytay, pangasinan and malolos, bulacan. and this year, i'l start with my cebu travel. i'm planning a lot more for a trip. kewl.
2. earn and save. i'l work and earn and save. im not gonna be an impulsive buyer nemore. since i earned a lot from stocks and all, i have more to spend. but nah. i need to save to buy good stuff for my own sake.
3. buy a unit. i'm planning to buy my own unit here in Valenzuela and if it turns out good, then i'l buy it. Also, my condomates were planning to rent a unit where we can earn just like albert. cant wait to start it.
4. business. run your chinese blood inside. i need to start my business now and i have a prospected one already. i just need to make a deep analysis on it more.
i guess i've listed a lot already... i just hope i can achieve it all this year.

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