Wednesday, December 19, 2007


her name is Lara. She was my college friend together with Lalane, Arvee, Bog, Joan and Maps. Well, all of them were my audience on my stories. =) Those stories that Lara commented most of the time as "yuck!!!" =).
When we graduated from college, we lacked communicating to each other. We usually go to Lara's place in Cainta to do our thesis or just hang around.
Then for whatever reason, Lara got pregnant. Of all people we thought.. yeah it's Lara and not me. Her daughter's name is Haven. And the last time that we got together was Haven's christening at Lara's house.
Then I got a text message from Lara and invited us to go to her son's 1st birthday party. After 4 years of not seeing each other. I was really hesistant to go since I still need to work at 10pm and I hadn't slept at all. But Lara insisted us to go. Arvee said we need to go.
Arvee and I went there since Bog couldnt go because of work. We were stucked at MRT but that was the only easy way to get to Cainta.

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