Tuesday, December 4, 2007

new freakin gadget

Joy called me since Monday and was too eager to buy a TV phone. Well, all I want is an iphone but I dont wanna buy cloned type. All TV phones were China made and what can I say, chinese really do some good stuffs on imitating other expensive phones.

So yesterday, Joy called me and asked me to buy the phone at Divisoria(much cheaper there). Freak, a lotsa people were on divi to buy cheap stuffs and coolness, all you can find in Divisoria.

My ankles were aching as I reached Tutuban. Joy said that there's this store that I need to find that solely sell the most cheapest TV phone there. I dont care. I found stalls of cellphones so I tried to bargain my price.

So here it is. And I got it there at P500 off. What a treat =)

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